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Will you be out of town on vacation, travelling for business or perhaps spending time at your second home?  Do you find that asking neighbors to "check on things" doesn't always work or you don't like to bother friends or relatives?

Then call House-Check to monitor your property in your absence.  We will make timed visits to meet your personal needs. 

A list of services we can provide includes but is not limited to:

  • Pick up newspapers and mail
  • Water plants
  • Check all windows/doors to make sure they are secure
  • Check for signs of vandalism or entry
  • Check for any visible water leaks
  • Turn on lights and set inside temperature to your preference for your arrival home
  • Check for power outage
  • Check refrigerator/freezer to insure proper functioning
  • Monitor your property to insure that everything will be ready for your return and exactly the way you left it

Should any issues arise, you will be contacted immediately to determine what action you would prefer us to take.  If repairs are needed, we can then provide an itemized cost estimate for your review and schedule to have them corrected in a timely manner. 
Fees will be based on the travel distance to your property, the amount of time required for each visit depending on amount of services and the number of daily visits.  Please contact us for individualized assessments.