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Philadelphia Lead Disclosure & Certification Law
Did you know that beginning in December, 2012, any landlord who rents out property in Philadelphia to a family with children under the age of six (6) will have to provide the tenant and the Philadelphia Department of health with written certification that the property is lead safe before the tenant moves in?  The certification requires a visual inspection and satisfactory dust wipe results.  Only a PA-certified risk inspector or an EPA-certified dust wipe sampling technician is authorized to give a lead-safe certification.  Roman Paul Korobij can help you in this regard. 

Lead Safe Certification can also be provided for your own home or for any other property you may own not just in Philadelphia.  Please feel free to review the information below and to call us if you have any questions regarding our Lead-Safe Certifications. 

Dust Wipe Sampling Protocol
Pursuant to the Philadelphia Code Section 6-800 which has been amended by Bill No. 100011-A, approved December 21, 2011 and effective December 21, 2012, Philadelphia landlords are required to provide new tenants in properties built before 1978, in which children aged six (6) and under reside, a valid certification that the property is lead safe or lead-free.  To be valid, the certificate must be based on an inspection conducted by a lead risk assessor or certified lead dust sampliing technician no more than 24 months prior to the date a lease is entered into. 
After performing a visual examination to determine whether the property is clear of visible conditions that can result in exposure to lead-based paint hazards including deteriorated paint, chips or debrs and/or visible dust, the following wipe samples for settled dust shall be collected: 
  • One window sill sample and one floor sample from each bedroom in the property; and
  • One window sill sample and one floor sample from the common room (for example a living room, family room, or kitchen) when any child aged six (6) and under who resides in the property spends the majority of his or her waking hours. 

All samples, along with one blank (control) sample, should be collected by a lead risk assessor or certified dust sampling technician and sent to a certified laboratory pursuant to EPA regulations. 


Roman Paul Korobij as a Certified Dust Sampling Technician can perform this work for you so that you as a Landlord or Home Owner can know that your property is Lead Safe.  Please call us for further details on the costs for such a service.