Commercial Inspection Services By Roman Paul & Associates

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Commercial buildings and properties...

can be inspected for you from the largest to the smallest.

We offer inspection due-diligence services for a variety of building types and properties including but not limited to: 

       Office buildings
       Industrial facilities
       Regional malls
       Apartment buildings
       Strip retail centers
       Multi-family residential properties
       Churches and other religious buildings
       Mixed and special use properties

We perform due-diligence inspections for commercial and industrial properties when needed for purchase, sale, lease, sale/leaseback, asset management, financing and refinancing. 

The purpose of a due-diligence inspection is to assess and report the condition of the building structural systems and all of the building systems adequacies, remainder of serviceable life expenctancies and needs for maintenance, upgrade, repair or replacement.  These inspections are comprehensive from foundation to roof.

We also perform maintenance inspections to advise you of items that are approaching or at the end of their typical life expectancy.  You can then take this information and prepare a budget to make sure you have the funds available when the time comes. 

Owners also make use of our experience when they run into a difficult or unusual situation such as water entry issues or structural crack issues.  As we are not in the "repair" business you can expect an unbiased opinion on the most practical soulution to resolve your "problem." 

We look forward to being of service.