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Pre-Closing Home Inspection Checklist (to be performed by customer)


q      Have all previously agreed to repairs been completed?

q      Have certifications, warranties and/or receipts been provided for any repairs?

q      Is the building “broom clean” (Check any attic, basement or crawl space)?

q      Do you have all the required documents for closing?  (Wood Destroying Insect Report, Operating Manuals, etc.)


q      Are any window/door screens missing or damaged and does each have a screen? 

q      Is there any new damage to doors, decks, walks/driveway, steps/stairs and handrails, siding, etc.?

q      Check any previously snow-covered areas.

Roof and Gutters

q      Are there any signs of leaks or roof damage?  (Check around any skylights)

q      Are all gutters and downspouts properly attached?


q      Does the garage door and opener (and safety stop) operate properly?

q      Are the opener remote controls available and functioning?

q      I there any damage that may have been previously concealed?

Interior/Basement and/or Crawl Spaces

q      Are there any new water stains or interior damage?

q      Do any/all sump pumps work?

q      Do ALL the windows and doors operate properly?  (Inspector only checks a representative number)

q      Check floors and areas that were previously covered under carpeting or otherwise concealed from view by furniture or personal items, etc.


q      Are all fixtures present and do they function properly and have adequate flow and drainage?  (Check any Spa/Whirlpool system by filling and running)

q      Is the hot water hot?

q      Are here any new previously undiscovered leaks?  (Check under bathrooms and shower stalls)

q      Does the Sprinkler system and any water softener/treatment system work?

q      Has the septic system been pumped?  (If so, ask for receipt)


q      Are all light fixtures present and do they work?  (Bring extra bulbs)

q      Do ALL switches, outlets, cable/phone jacks, intercom, door bell, alarm system work?

q      Bring a small electric appliance (e.g. lamp) with you for testing.  (Inspector only checks a representative number)

q       Are Smoke Detectors, Carbon Monoxide Detectors, Fire Extinguishers, etc. installed where required and do they work?

Heating and Cooling

q      Does the thermostat operate properly? 

q      Does the heating and/or cooling system work?  (Check each room)

Kitchen and Laundry

q      Are all included appliances present and working?  (Let dishwasher and any laundry equipment run through their full cycles while performing this Pre-Closing Inspection)

q      Any damaged cabinets or countertop?

Being pro-active is the best approach

Performance of this Pre-Closing Home Inspection is a vital part of the purchasing process.  This is the final step, before closing, where you can protect your interests.  If you have any doubts about your ability to perform this Inspection ask your inspector.  Use the Checklist for your Pre-Closing Home Inspection.  Do not tamper with or adjust mechanical or electrical systems unless you are familiar with the operation of these systems and weather permits.  Perform this inspection at your own risk.  If you cannot perform this inspection properly, consult with a professional.