Use This Checklist To Prepare For Your Radon Test

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How to Prepare for a Radon Test

ROMAN PAUL can make arrangements to have your property tested for radon through a certified firm.   In that regard he recommends that you follow this checklist to expedite the radon testing process:

1.  The Certified Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection Radon Testing Individual (Consultant) will be following the mandatory EPA and DEP protocols for performing a short-term radon "screen test measurement" which requires "closed house" conditions.

2.  Client will be provided with a Radon Pre-Testing Agreement and Results form prior to the start of the test.  Review and approval will only take a couple of minutes.  Consultant will explain the scope of the service and how the reporting process will be handled.

3.  In order to perform a short-term radon "screen test measurement", "closed house" conditions are required.  It is best that this be explained to the homeowner as soon as possible after arranging the appointment with the Consultant.

4.  "Closed house" conditions requires that all windows and doors be kept closed throughout the house during the duration of the test (at least 48 hours if these instructions are followed) as well as at least 12 hours prior to placement of the radon measurement device.  Any system which would bring in outside air must not be operated.  Large volume air exhaust systems such as fireplaces or whole-house fans must not be operated.  If the house is equipped with a radon mitigation system, make sure this system has been in operation for at least 24 hours prior to, and during the duration of the test.

5.  Consultant will provide homeowner with a "Declaration of Compliance" form which will need to be signed by the homeowner or authorized individual which will detail the homeowner's responsibilities to ensure a proper radon test.

6.  Access and keys must be available.  Please provide Consultant with instructions to access the property to set-up the test device as well as to arrange pick-up.

7.  Test device will be placed in the lowest liveable area of the house and/or a frequently used interior room such as a recreation room or bedroom at the discretion of the Consultant in order to comply with EPA and DEP protocols.  It is helpful if owner is available for consultation on where testing device may be placed so that it is not disturbed by pets, children, etc.

8.  If the testing device cannot be placed for one or more of the above reason, the client may wish to extend the agreement and have the Consultant return at a later date.  Since a Consultant's time is "by appointment only" and is controlled by pre-arranged schedule, he must be remunerated for his time, and the client may expect someone to bear the added cost.

9.  The radon test results report is provided to the client as soon as possible after the test device is picked-up.  The report is the property of the client.  Any report, verbal or written, is delivered to the client, unless the client elects otherwise.

10.  Contact the homeowner and all parties involved regarding the date and time of placement of the radon device and what arrangements can be made for pick-up.  Homeowner's name and phone number would be helpful in the scheduling.  It would also be helpful to provide a copy of this document to the homeowner for their information. 

11.  Please contact the Consultant at least 24 hours before the appointment if you need to cancel or postpone the appointment.

12.  Payment is due prior to or upon placement of the test device.  

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